Phruu is a multidimensional artist & visionary who shares growth through the creation of music and cultivation of spaces for the expansion of consciousness and activation. An artist, song writer, community builder, video editor, audio engineer (live/studio), event curator, and host.

Once leaving Atlanta, Phruu expanded in California, finding musical residence in cultural places like the Revolution Cafe, an old Black Panther meet-ground. While gaining an audio engineering degree, Phruu curated events that showcased artist, dj's, and producers, which simultaneously helped 
homelessness and police brutality. She has performed in front of thousands during festivals like Pride, jammed with legendary bands like Tony, Toni, Tone, and brought the experience to kids fundraisers in Vegas.  

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A classic released from Phruu back in 2017. This track is about moving out of societal pressures, and finding your way.  


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